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A software engineer doing random stuffs in life.

There are more several stuffs that I'm working on:

jsoup: How-to (Instant)


Release Date:June 2013



Author:Pete Houston


  Instant jsoup How-to provides simple and detailed instructions on how to use the Jsoup library to manipulate HTML content to suit your needs. You will learn the basic aspects of data crawling, as well as the various concepts of Jsoup so you can make the best use of the library to achieve your goals.
   Instant jsoup How-to will help you learn step-by-step using real-world, practical problems. You will begin by learning several basic topics, such as getting input from a URL, a file, or a string, as well as making use of DOM navigation to search for data. You will then move on to some advanced topics like how to use the CSS selector and how to clean dirty HTML data. HTML data is not always safe, and because of that, you will learn how to sanitize the dirty documents to prevent further XSS attacks.
   Instant jsoup How-to is a book for every Java developer who wants to learn HTML manipulation quickly and effectively. This book includes the sample source code for you to refer to with a detailed explanation of every feature of the library.

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